Our Story

What started as 3 friends home-cooking to better the health of our dogs (Cash, Kaia, Kona & Maui) turned into a passion project (Why wouldn’t we better the lives of dogs everywhere?) turned into our labor of love.
For the Pet parents seeking better, more natural alternatives to their pets overall health and wellness. Paleo Paw believes in a more holistic and proactive approach to health.
Forward-thinking and cognizant of the world around us, Paleo Paw believes in responsible sourcing and the overall treatment of animals. Rebalance and harmonize your dog’s overall wellness. We appreciate your support as we continue our movement to provide the best nutrition for dogs everywhere. A happy, healthy dog means less trips to the vet!


If you know Micah
you know that Cash was seriously injured, malnourished and refusing to eat. Micah is a tiny bit passionate about organic farming and the non-gmo movements. Cash now runs to his bowl to eat Paleo Paw Feed and is in great health.

If you know Lyndsey
you know Kaia is more human than dog and Lyndsey will do anything and everything to keep her “extra special” (high maintenance) Newfie healthy and happy. Paleo Paw keeps her allergies in check and her skin and coat healthy.

If you know Emily
you know that Maui is a sassy Frenchie who thinks she is bigger than Kona, a 10-year-old Mastiff that has to live FOREVER. She is in significantly better health on Paleo Paw and currently dialing back the years!